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SandBox staff

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Steam Name:Wcleary1979 


Playtime:like 7 hours 

Steam Url:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198200468586/




Why would you make a good staff member? 

I believe I would make a good staff member into the apex community is that I'm a really chill person I have a very positive vibe and I never take sides in a situation I can bring my past skills from my other  servers on here I'm good at helping and a cool bloke like to have a cool time on the server and play but I believe I wanna procced further on this server I feel like I want to do more to help out apex with there server I'm always smiling I'm always Active.  i also do what I am told to do when asked and I enjoy My time on the apex community.

Any Experience With ULX COMMANDS: 
Yes I have do past Experience with Ulx Commands

Any staffing experience In general? 
Defiance Network Mod,Admin for 6 Months then server closed

Have you Read the Requirements:

Yes I have 

I'm Always active every afternoon in week days  weekends From early in the morning to Midnight  
Look Forward To working With staff If I am accepted 
Kind Regards 



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Don't see you active as much as I'd like in the apex community. You do talk on discord sometimes, but on the servers, not super active. The app is abit hard to read at times aswell due to some mis-wording which is okay. 🙂 Sorry to be harsh.

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