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  1. Predepression


    Not a bad idea. I'll talk to Zedan and Pot about it Thanks for the suggestion! -Durry
  2. Predepression

    Suggestions (Take With A Grain Of Salt)

    Suggestion 1 is good. Suggestion 2 is also a good idea. 3, Our pop was significantly higher when the cars were around so maybe adding them back wouldn't be a bad idea. The old bank is also definitely something we'll be adding back. Perma weps, for now at least, will remain not in the game as it makes the game pay to win and makes gun dealers useless. G printers have been re-added ! 7 Definite no no. Thankyou for your suggestions they will all be taken into account when looking to make changes to the server! -Durry
  3. Predepression


    Not a bad idea, we'll give it some thought
  4. Predepression

    SandBox staff

    -1 Don't see you active as much as I'd like in the apex community. You do talk on discord sometimes, but on the servers, not super active. The app is abit hard to read at times aswell due to some mis-wording which is okay. Sorry to be harsh.
  5. Predepression

    Hello everyone

    Ily John, you pfp is sexy
  6. Predepression

    Wombat's 'Hello there'

    Welcome to the community Wombat